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In today’s world, it’s all about smart choices, especially when determining risks abroad. Using artificial intelligence, shortcut.one delivers highly precise and accurate risk evaluations within seconds. Any time and anywhere. Worldwide. shortcut.one – the risk management machine.

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We offer a free version as well as subscription models that can be cancelled at any time.

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Carsten Meyer / Security Manager
»shortcut.one assists me in critical decisions. The results are reliable and prompt. What I get is exactly what I need.«
Elias Wemmer / Travel Manager
»Working with international projects means that I have thousands of things on the horizon that require my awareness. I can rely on shortcut.one to keep the risks and security statuses in focus for me.«
Maria Lehmann / Executive Assistant
»Before using shortcut.one, risk assessments and reporting took days of my time and often left me uncertain in the fast pace of today´s world. Now I just need three seconds. All I can say is thank you!«
Max Hauser / Project Manager
»Our business is growing and so are our activities in more and more countries around the world. Working with shortcut.one means I work in real-time and always know which dangers could threaten my employees or my projects.«
Valentin Mast / Executive Consultant
»I advise companies. shortcut.one allows me to offer an even broader scope in my services. I present and deliver well grounded, factual business risk reports to my clients.«

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